Buying and selling a home should be an exciting time in a person’s life, not a stressful one. Often, it is the biggest financial transaction they will experience. Jill Daniels LLC is eager to help guide you through the real estate process and provide advice during all facets of your transaction. Jill’s team is approachable and accessible to all those involved in the transaction.

Jill Daniels LLC can confidently manage your residential real estate needs whether you are purchasing or selling a home, need help navigating a lease, or retitling your home’s ownership.

Jill and her firm are genuinely passionate about helping her clients with excellent, honest, legal representation and advice. Her office collectively helps clients close their homes as quickly as possible, managing the legal issues and intricacies with finesse and accuracy. Jill and her experienced team have the expertise, and professionalism to help keep their clients at ease. She explains everything thoroughly and patiently and answers all questions in a timely, professional manner. Jill Daniels LLC believes communication with all involved with the transaction is key for a smooth closing.

We want you to enjoy the entire real estate experience and not just the closing.

Jill Daniels LLC charges a flat rate for your real estate transaction which is paid at closing. There are never extra fees for phone calls, power of attorney documents, addendums, or notary services.