Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that you might find helpful when selling or buying a home.

What is a transfer stamp? Some municipalities issue these when property transfers from one person to another. Transfer stamp requirements vary by municipality and we can notify you about, and handle many of those tasks for you.

Will I still be charged Jill’s attorney fee if I do not close on my home? No.

When will I know how much money I need to bring to my closing? A day or two before your closing date, we will email you a closing statement to review and provide instructions on what to bring to the closing.

When will I know how much I will receive from the sale of my home? A day or two before your closing date, we will email you a settlement statement to review and approve.

When do I need to have all utilities shut off? All utilities should remain on through your closing date.

Can I leave behind items in my home that might be useful for the new owner? No. Unless you have made specific arrangements (in writing) with your buyer to leave behind items, your home must be completely emptied before they do their final walk through.

Do I have to attend the closing? Most sellers do not wish, or need, to attend the closing. Typically, you will pre-sign your documents with a notary before the closing date.

What if I cannot attend the closing?

I live out of state, how will I sign my closing documents?

Closing documents along with instructions will be emailed to you. You will need to print, complete and have them notarized where you live and return them to us with a pre-paid overnight label that we will provide.

What costs can I expect at closing? Seller: common expenses include title insurance, taxes, survey fee, realtor commission,  outstanding mortgage balance, homeowners association fees, and municipal transfer tax fees. Buyer: common expenses include taxes, title company closing fees, and homeowners insurance. The settlement statement that you receive before closing will outline all expenses.

Why do I need to have a survey when selling my home?  A survey confirms the property’s boundary lines and legal description, and reveals any encroachments or easements, which is important for you as well your mortgage lender and the title company to know.