Jill Beda Daniels is a certified mediator with extensive experience mediating divorces and other disagreements between parties. Mediation allows all parties to have a stake in the outcome and an opportunity to be heard in a private and confidential forum. Jill’s experience allows her to help the parties reach an agreement that will be durable.

In divorce, mediation is often used to allow the parties to work together to achieve a settlement that works for them and their family. Jill works to facilitate a conversation between the parties and help them reach an agreement that works for everyone.

Mediation is often less costly than litigation, and it allows the parties to focus on what is best for their family. Jill believes both parties should have this level of control.

Jill recommends that both parties consult with their own, retained divorce attorney to answer questions, advise of legal rights, approve finalized agreements, and file your court documents. While Jill is a lawyer and knowledgeable about divorce law, Jill is not your attorney and cannot give you legal advice.